04 Mar 2024

Why your website is never truly finished, (and nor should it be!)

Your website is often where the vital first impression is made. The first point of contact is the very public face you present to the world.

At Duo Design we know it’s the most crucial arm of your marketing presence commanding a huge influence on how customers perceive your brand. Being effective online is essential during tough economic times: it helps maintain your visibility and is an affordable mode of direct communication with your existing customers, along with attracting new ones.

Your website deserves to be stellar in its launch, but more crucially it also needs careful tending, to keep it secure, and up to date. Neglected websites will diminish in value and relevancy over time, with a detrimental effect on both the brand and sales.

5 reasons your website should never be considered ‘finished’.

1, Your business isn’t static, it’s dynamic.
Businesses constantly evolve. Your website should reflect this change and remain an accurate representation of your business services and growth. This can mean editing and rewriting existing content, new photography to showcase new products or services, adding product reviews, or creating new pages/sections on your website.

2, Search Engine Optimisation
Google (and other search engines) are constantly tweaking their algorithms. These changes can have dramatic effects on the ranking performance of your website. In 2020 Google introduced ‘Core Web Vitals’ – a set of metrics that measure user experience for site speed, performance, interactivity, and visual stability.

3, Security and bug fixes
In the same way, your PC or phone requires regular patches and updates, and so does your website. Keeping your website platform updated and secure is your best defence against cybercrime, including malware injection and hacking. While there is no 100% guaranteed silver bullet to preventing this, an up-to-date website can be the difference that means they move on to a softer target.

4, Technology keeps evolving
Digital technology, along with the devices used to view and interact with your site is constantly changing. The older your website is, the more likely it is to have issues that negatively affect its performance and usability. This can cause site abandonment – costing vital leads and potential sales – without you realizing it’s happening.

57% of internet users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile devices.

5, Protect your investment
A well-designed and built website is an important investment in your business. Your website is likely the most important and powerful marketing tool you have. Keeping your site maintained and healthy will greatly increase its useful lifespan and your ROI.


If your website is more than 4 years old and has not been regularly maintained now is the time for a full website review. Duo Design’s web specialists will be able to assess what improvements can be made to increase its performance and drive stronger business growth. Duo Design will provide you with a thorough breakdown of the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of your existing site and help you connect with more customers online. 

Talk to us about booking your Duo Design website review so your business can be firmly positioned for the upturn in 2024.


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