05 Mar 2024

Is it time for your logo redesign?

How do you know it’s the right time for your business to invest in a new logo or logo redesign?

In this article, Duo Design Brand Strategist Joanne Hair explores the key indicators that suggest your logo requires a radical rethink.

Powerful logos stand the test of time. However, there are moments in a company’s history when a redesign becomes vital for growth or business survival.

A strong logo is essential to building brand awareness, relevancy, and recognition; it’s also crucial for forging customer connection and emotional engagement. Your logo may once have been effective in launching the brand, but there’s no certainty today that the same logo design will work for your business forever.

Why so? Industry trends have changed at a rapid rate in the digital / post-Covid era. Our way of doing business evolved, as do customer preferences and tastes. There has also been a noticeable demand for brands that breathe simplicity, authenticity, and personality. That striking logo you were once in love with, may be looking outdated when lined up alongside your competition.

The core difference between a logo redesign and a logo refresh is the extent of the desired change. While both will update a logo’s design, a refresh makes only minor enhancements, for example, a new colour palette or font choice. By contrast, a full logo redesign involves a complete overhaul of all the elements of the logo, from icon, font, colour, and format to its very meaning and overall aesthetic.

What factors fuel the need for a new logo design or logo update? A logo should remain versatile and evolve alongside its market. At Duo Design we recognise the common signs that indicate when a logo or brand update is overdue. Key considerations include:

  • Does your logo look outdated, illegible, or unprofessional?
  • Does the logo communicate the brand’s core message and values?
  • Do you need to attract a new audience or customer segment?
  • Are you experiencing increased competition or market confusion?
  • Are there major business changes like a merger or name change on the horizon?
  • Does your logo reinforce what you do?

Most importantly does it create emotional engagement with your favoured audience?

A thoughtful logo refresh will often retain aspects of the logo’s original visual identity to ensure brand equity with current customers is preserved. However, a complete logo redesign allows an organisation to create a brand-new image and propel greater growth in new target markets more effectively.

Once a logo is created, it is vital to create cohesion by updating other branding elements too, such as your website, signage, marketing, and email signatures.

Smart brands evolve logos and visual identities over time, balancing continuity with change. The goal is for a logo and brand identity to be flexible enough to resonate across the years yet remain distinctive in its marketplace.

Do you need a logo refresh or redesign?

A logo redesign isn’t a project to approach lightly. Any change to your logo, however subtle, will impact your reputation with your target audience. That’s why it’s so imperative to work with the right experts to ensure success.

Duo Design can help determine whether your brand needs to invest in a logo redesign and update your visual identity. Our established brand strategist and experienced logo designers will ensure your brand boosts your reputation and provides a strong return on your investment.

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