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When Wintec wanted to showcase their groundbreaking Learner Journey research, they turned to Duo Design. As experts in visual storytelling, Duo Design knew that compelling narratives and eye-catching graphics were key to bringing the data to life.

Working hand-in-hand with Wintec's Learning Success team, Duo Design crafted a multi-faceted campaign that turned complex attrition data into an engaging story. Our creative magic transformed sterile statistics into bold infographics, dry academic papers into moving videos, and bland bullet points into vivid scripts.

Duo Design handled every detail - data visualization, graphic narratives, publications, presentations, editing, audio production. The result was a showcase that resonated emotionally and left a lasting impact. Wintec's stakeholders were riveted from start to finish. The executive team was moved. The project achieved its goal of complete engagement, proving the power of visual storytelling to inspire action.

When it comes to making research stick, Wintec trusts Duo to design solutions that captivate audiences and drive change.

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"Duo Design are refreshingly creative and professional. Always approachable, they apply their in-depth knowledge of branding, website development, publishing and visual design in a way that fits with our business."


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