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  • Logo Design & Brand Identity,
  • Stationery Design,
  • Website Design,
  • Content Creation,
  • Print Co-ordination.

Sefton Flowers blooms with a fragrant new brand identity

When hobby horticulturalist Maria decided to turn her passion into a business, she knew she needed a brand identity as unique as her boutique flower farm. That's when she turned to DuoDesign, a creative agency skilled at cultivating brands as thoughtfully as Maria nurtures her flowers.

Together, they sowed the seeds of a new brand that would blossom across North Canterbury.

Duo Design started by getting to the root of Maria's vision. She dreamed of a brand that captured the dark, moody essence of her organically grown, seasonal flowers. Duo Design brought that vision to life with a logo evoking a Victorian-inspired floral aesthetic. Muted colors and delicate lines reflect the nuanced beauty of Maria's flowers.

The website design further establishes Sefton Flowers' artisanal identity with rich imagery and romantic copy. Custom illustrations and lifestyle photography transport visitors to the clay soils where Maria's flowers take root.

With a brand identity as lush as Sefton's own gardens, Maria is ready to watch her boutique business grow. Duo Design is thrilled to have designed the fertile soil for Sefton Flowers to thrive in North Canterbury and beyond.

Sefton Flowers logo and visual iidentity
Sefton Flowers Website Design
Sefton Flowers Logo

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