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Crafting a Luxury Brand Identity for Whitecloud Boats

When boutique boat builder Whitecloud set out to launch a new line of luxury crafts, they knew they needed a brand identity and marketing materials that reflected their commitment to quality. They turned to design firm Duo Design to bring their vision to life.

The goal was a sleek, contemporary logo and visual identity that spoke to Whitecloud's bespoke approach and exquisite attention to detail. As a boutique manufacturer, every Whitecloud boat is lovingly hand-built, so conveying this artisanal craftsmanship was paramount.

At the same time, the identity needed to work seamlessly across applications - adorning the boats themselves as an elegant insignia, while also elegantly branding brochures, stationery, signage and more. The Duo Design team rose to the challenge, crafting a minimalist, sophisticated logo mark centered around a stylised seabird that evoked the contours of the boat hull. Paired with a refined typographic wordmark and clean, nautical color palette, the end result was an identity befitting the Whitecloud reputation for peerless quality and design.

Now, with their refined new brand in hand, Whitecloud is ready to launch their luxury line, anchored by a visual identity as exquisitely crafted as the boats themselves. The collaboration with Duo Design produced a polished, cohesive brand image to match the caliber of Whitecloud's hand-built boats.

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