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Mark Hamilton needed more than just a website - he needed an online platform that could showcase his striking photography while attracting new clients. As one of New Zealand's leading commercial photographers, Mark had built an impressive portfolio of work for major brands. But his existing website failed to do it justice.

The cluttered homepage showed dozens of thumbnail images lacking impact. Mark's dramatic photos deserved better. The site also struggled to differentiate his personal projects from commercial commissions.

We provided a clean slate redesign to hero Mark's images. A bold split screen divides his art photography on the left from his commercial work on the right. Large header images grab attention while simpler navigation guides visitors. We worked closely with Mark to better communicate his unique vision and brand story.

The new website proves transformative. Mark's bold images take center stage at last. The streamlined design and intuitive layout now engage visitors and convert them to commissions. By balancing visual flair with functional simplicity, the site promotes Mark's work in the best possible light.

The result is a showcase worthy of Mark's talent. And a platform that now generates a steady pipeline of new projects. We're proud to have created a website as striking yet user-friendly as Mark's photography.


photographer Mark Hamilton homepage Duo Design website
photo of rain expressway

"Finally after countless years and a bunch of poorly designed sites I finally have a functional website that works for me! Everything from the initial meeting to design concepts presented to me during the process was a breeze."

Mark Hamilton 
Process and planning of website design
Duo Design website for photographer Mark Hamilton
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