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Website Design & Development, Poster & Display Materials, Building & Vehicle Signage, Media Planning & Article Creation, Communications Strategy.

From conference display materials to company profiles and websites Duo Design has helped Analytica build their brand over the past decade.

From the founders shared experience in commercial testing, science and research, Analytica Laboratories began developing innovative testing solutions in Hamilton in 2011.

Over the past decade Analytica has grown from two company founders into an impressive team of over 150 technical and operational staff based In New Zealand. From world class facilities they deliver commercial scientific testing services widely regarded as the best in the sector.

Analytica laboratory website Duo design
Analytica laboratory poster design Duo design

"Duo Design did a fantastic job with our website. Andrew and Jo worked closely with us right from the start and managed to work our thoughts into a vibrant, easy to use website. Their skill base and creativity combined with a real understanding of our needs made it a pleasure to work with them - nothing was too much trouble. The whole project was quickly done, and the result is outstanding. I would highly recommend Duo Design to anyone looking for a first-class service."


Gail Gilbert 
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Analytica scientific testing website Duo design
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