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When Analytica Laboratories was just getting started in 2011, they turned to Duo Design for help building their brand. The founders had decades of experience in commercial testing and research, but they needed a partner who could translate that technical expertise into an approachable identity.

Duo Design started by developing display materials that communicated Analytica's services in a clear, visually-appealing way at industry conferences. From there, they created brochures and other collateral that established Analytica's professional yet friendly brand. The pièce de résistance was bringing Analytica's website to life - telling the story of how Analytica got started and making their array of testing services easy to navigate.

Over the past decade, Duo Design has continued to support Analytica as they've grown from two founders to over 150 employees. As Analytica expanded their facilities and service offerings, Duo Design adapted the branding and messaging to reach new audiences while retaining the core identity. Most recently, when Analytica joined the ALS Global network, Duo Design integrated the ALS branding while keeping Analytica's unique personality front and center.

The consistent branding gives Analytica's current and potential customers confidence that they'll receive the same great service and expertise that built Analytica's reputation. It's been a pleasure for Duo Design to be along for the journey and contribute to their success through strategic marketing and design.

Analytica laboratory website Duo design
Analytica laboratory poster design Duo design

"Duo Design did a fantastic job with our website. Andrew and Jo worked closely with us right from the start and managed to work our thoughts into a vibrant, easy to use website. Their skill base and creativity combined with a real understanding of our needs made it a pleasure to work with them - nothing was too much trouble. The whole project was quickly done, and the result is outstanding. I would highly recommend Duo Design to anyone looking for a first-class service."


Gail Gilbert 
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Analytica scientific testing website Duo design
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