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When innovative manufacturing leader DEC International NZ LTD needed a website that reflected their rich 75+ year history of innovation, they turned to Duo Design. With deep roots going back to World War II and the founding of Plastic Products Limited to produce Bakelite dolls, DEC had grown into an industry leader across manufacturing, technology, pharmaceuticals, and more. Duo Design was tasked with planning, designing, and building a website that honored DEC's legacy while showcasing their cutting-edge work today.

The result is a sleek, modern website with engaging visuals and intuitive navigation that captures DEC's spirit of innovation. The split-screen homepage seamlessly introduces DEC's two core manufacturing facilities - DEC Plastics, experts in high-end injection molding, and DEC Pharmaceuticals, leaders in controlled drug release technologies. Through compelling copy, striking graphics, and an optimized user experience, Duo Design succeeded in creating an online presence for DEC International NZ LTD that reflects their rich history and forward-thinking approach. This collaborative website exemplifies Duo Design's talent for distilling a company's essence and bringing it to life online.


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