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For two decades, Duo Design has been the go-to marketing partner for Hamilton Radiology and its network of medical imaging centers across the Waikato region. When Hamilton Radiology wanted to grow to a world-class network of branches offering a full suite of imaging modalities, they turned to us. When they needed a brand identity that would instill confidence in patients, they chose us. And when they had RFPs to submit to secure crucial imaging contracts, we helped the CEO prepare winning proposals.

We've designed eye-catching logos, signage, print ads, websites, and more for Hamilton Radiology and their family of imaging centers like Midland MRI and Midland Pet CT. Our work has given them a consistent, professional brand presence across all touchpoints. Patients now easily recognise Hamilton Radiology's services and trust in their expertise.

For over 20 years, we've been proud to support Hamilton Radiology's growth into an industry leader. Our partnership has helped them provide essential medical services to the Waikato community. We look forward to continuing this relationship and finding new ways to showcase Hamilton Radiology's capabilities. When they succeed, the community succeeds, and that makes us proud.

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"Duo Design are refreshingly creative and professional. Always approachable, they apply their in-depth knowledge of branding, website development, publishing and visual design in a way that fits with our business."


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