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When Cadence approached the Duo Design team with a brief for their new e-cargo bike delivery service, we knew visibility and vibrancy would be key to their brand identity. This scrappy startup was bringing a fresh new energy to city streets, zipping past gridlocked cars with a fleet of pedal-powered freight vehicles. But with all those busy roads to navigate, safety was paramount.

Our designers got to work conceptualizing a look that balanced Cadence's lively ethos with the need for high visibility. We landed on a bold, energetic color palette of black and eye-catching yellow - the perfect shades to make those cargo bikes pop against the urban backdrop. The custom wordmark uses strong, geometric letterforms and an upward slant, evoking the feeling of momentum as the bikes whisk through downtown.

The result is a brand identity that turns heads for all the right reasons. Cadence Cycle Couriers cruise the streets making deliveries faster than you can say "incoming!" Now when you spot that vibrant yellow coming down the bike lane, you'll know it's Cadence bringing their unique e-cargo service to the people. We're thrilled to see our design come to life on the road, helping Cadence make their energetic mark on the city.

Cadence Cycle Couriers homepage design with Logo
Cadence Cycle Couriers Branding
Cadence Cycle Couriers Branding

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