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Born out of a desire to break free from the neutral, sans serif status quo, Duo Design worked closely with renowned architect Bryan Windeatt to craft an identity brimming with personality. The creative brief? "Anything but neutral."

Our starting point was to embrace the heart and soul of the Windeatt brand - St Joseph's. This historic convent turned eclectic, breathtaking home base provided endless inspiration. Nestled in the Waikato countryside, St Joseph's is where Bryan dreams up his award-winning designs.

We took the two crosses atop St Joseph's iconic roofline and transformed them into a bespoke logo, intertwining the crosses with Windeatt's name in an intricate monogram. The custom typeface and handcrafted logo encapsulate Bryan's passion for architecture and enduring appreciation of craftsmanship.

The new visual identity now adorns Bryan's website, stationery and marketing materials with a bold, unexpected flair. Duo Design brought the Windeatt brand story to life - conveying the magic of Bryan's creative vision in a look and feel as unique as his architectural masterpieces



Bryan Windeatt Architect Website Design homepage
silver monogram windeatt architect
Bryan Windeatt Architect website project page design

The design process involved exploring local history and stone masonry symbolism to unearth the many possibilities of this distinct brand identity and aesthetic.  To meet the client’s unique vision Duo Design employed a luxurious mix of materials and print finishing techniques that elevated the brand impression.

windeatt phrase
matakana home windeatt
Bryan Windeatt Architect Website
bryan windeatt architect logo
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