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With Solid Group's business expansion on the rise, the project engineers called on Duo Design to craft a bold brand identity that would stand out in a sea of orange and red. Our creative team dove in, inspired by everything from the avant-garde Blue Man Group to construction workers' iconic hardhats. After an initial rounds of logo design concepts, we landed on a mark as straightforward as Solid Group's service promise: four interlocking lunettes in crisp, eye-catching blue.

The minimalist logo and vibrant palette reinforced the company's solidity and dependability, while providing stark visibility across their fleet, signage, and more. Though Solid Group built their reputation on reliability, Duo Design ensured their brand made a bold, memorable impression. Our custom brand identity helped Solid Group fortify their image as they constructed their ambitious future.


SolidGroup Branding Logo Design
Duo Design logo and visual identity for NZ engineering firm Solid Group
Solid Group letterhead design

"When we launched our business, we needed input from someone who could see beyond the obvious, and who could create something unique that would stand out in a busy marketplace. Duo Design has exceeded our expectations in every way, and we can highly recommend them for all your branding needs."


Gavin Brownrigg 
engineering logo icon Duo Design
Solid Group building signage Duo Design
advert engineering solid group
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