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When the team at Smart Lighting Concepts decided it was time to launch their new boutique lighting design firm, they knew they needed more than just expertise in the lighting field. They needed a brand identity that would truly illuminate their premium niche in the industry.

That's when they turned to the creative strategists at Duo Design. With their brilliant flair for visual storytelling, Duo Design set to work capturing the essence of Smart Lighting Concepts in a logo and visual identity system that was nothing short of brilliant.

Vibrant colours intertwine with abstract lighting motifs, creating a kaleidoscopic brand mark that immediately captures attention. The bold, modern logo design conveys the leading-edge innovation Smart Lighting is known for. And the suite of brand marks Duo Design developed elegantly define the boutique lighting firm's expertise across commercial, outdoor and architectural lighting sectors.

Duo Design's strategy was to create an online presence and brand image that appealed to Smart Lighting's discerning clientele of architects, designers and developers. The engaging new website not only spotlights the team's lighting projects, but also their fine attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality.

From vehicle livery to building signage, Duo Design's lighting-inspired visual identity illuminates Smart Lighting Concepts' passion for dramatic, luxurious modern lighting. Thanks to this electrifying new brand platform, Smart Lighting Concepts' niche boutique image now shines as brightly as their lighting designs.

Smart Lighting website development
Smart Lighting Logo Design
Smart Lighting Website Design

"We now have a brand and website that we can be proud of, one which is easy to use as well as being clean and vibrant. Working with Duo Design was a pleasure, and I would definitely recommend Duo Design to others."


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