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When lighting designer Sharon Robinson was ready to launch her own studio, she knew she needed a visual identity that would illuminate her creative vision. That's why she turned to Duo Design, experts in crafting logos and branding that shine.

Together, we delved into Sharon's passion for sustainably-sourced materials and locally-made products. Her limited edition lampshades and homewares fuse thoughtful design with quality craftsmanship. Nature serves as a guiding light, from the local manufacturers she partners with to the natural forms that inspire her work.

For the logo, we took cues from Sharon's popular Nautilus lampshade. Just as the nautilus shell swirls and flows in an elegant spiral, we designed a mark with organic lines and graceful movement. The stylised "S" emblem reflects Sharon's artistic spirit and attention to detail.

Beyond the logo design, we developed a visual identity that was modern yet warm, minimalist yet inviting - a perfect match for Sharon's aesthetic. Clean serif fonts and neutral colors complemented her brand's focus on simple, elegant design.

The end result is a custom branding suite as well crafted as Sharon's products themselves. More than a pretty logo, it's a reflection of her commitment to quality and sustainability. Sharon Robinson Studio now has a distinctive look to match its unique vision.

Sharon Robinson Studio logo signage
detail of business card
Sharon Robinson Studio lighting design cataloiue

"DuoDesign are a dynamic team who aspire to give their clients the best service using their experience and skills. They are a pleasure to work with, and I tell people to speak to them when they ask about marketing and website design. Definitely the type of business people I can sit down and have a cup of coffee with. Love the work they have done for me to date."

Sharon Robinson 
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