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When Devialet, a French luxury audio brand known for its sleek and sophisticated sound systems, wanted to introduce itself to discerning audiophiles in New Zealand, they turned to Duo Design. Our challenge was clear: capture Devialet's essence of Parisian elegance and engineering excellence through an immersive digital experience.

We developed a minimalist yet luxurious website, with a sleek black-and-white aesthetic and cinematic product visuals that allowed Devialet's exquisite speakers and amplifiers to shine. Thoughtful animations and interactions guided visitors through the brand story and product range. The responsive design ensured an optimal experience across devices.

To generate buzz around the launch, our integrated marketing campaign strategically targeted niche audio publications and influencers. Striking visual assets amplified the brand across digital and print touchpoints. The results spoke for themselves: web traffic exceeded goals by 20% and Devialet saw a surge in online sales and brand awareness.

With Devialet, we harmoniously blended brand storytelling, sublime sound, and digital craftsmanship. Our custom solution transported their Parisian luxury to discerning Kiwi audiophiles, introducing the brand with resonance and nuance.

Devialet NZ website design
Devialet logo
Devialet product page website design
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